Candy Crush Level 272 Cheats and Tips


Clear up the chocolate on the bottom first, the coconut wheels are useless until you get candy onto the bottom row. Try not to disturb the meringue at the top of the middle column: this is the column the time-bombs spawn into. You probably won’t get through the whole level without a time bomb, but hold off as long as you can.

Work as much as you can on crushing the meringues at the top of the ingredient columns. Then get the ingredients down to the bottom, and set the coconut wheels off in the direction that’s going to help you the most. The ingredients will pile down one on top of the other, so try to keep a horizontal striped candy to clear the botom as quickly as you can.

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom.
• Start by clearing the chocolate at the bottom of the board.
• That way you can get some candies down there to use the coconut wheels.
• Then start by clearing the meringue blocking the ingredient dispensers.
• One of the dispensers has candy time bombs in it but you won’t know which one.
• Start by bringing your ingredients down one by one and use the coconut wheels when you get stuck.


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