Candy Crush Level 273 Cheats and Tips

You need everything to come together on this level. Note that the time-bombs are dispensed onto the bottom of the screen below the meringue before they enter the main field of play – try to make a candy match in the columns where the bombs are to bring them out and destroy them.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities for striped candy here, but hold out for colour bombs and only set them off when you can make a candy combination. There’s a lot of meringue to get through before you even reach the jelly, so a series of huge combinations is a must. This level could take you quite a few lives to get the balance.


In Candy Crush Saga level 273 you need to clear the jelly and score 75,000 points to complete the level.

The masses of bombs on level 273 are what makes it so difficult. There is a whole row of bomb makers and there is a portal between these and the main board, so you get a lot of bombs to deal with. It is difficult enough to remove all of the blockers and then the jelly underneath, but the bombs have to be observed as well. You need to watch hard for bombs and destroy them when you get a chance. You do not get many moves to remove them and it can be fatal if they get stuck in the bottom row. This means that in every move you should be looking for bombs and destroying them when you can. The rest of the time you should be looking for opportunities to make special candies. Striped candies are useful as are wrapped, but combining them is even better. A color bomb can be great, especially for removing a forgotten or trapped bomb, but combined with a striped candy could remove a lot of blockers and jelly. A color bomb and wrapped combination could be useful nearer to the end of the game.

The edges are the most difficult, both because there is less opportunities to make matches and therefore removing blockers and jelly is harder but also because the bombs are more likely to get stuck. It can therefore be wise to work on these first, if you can.

Boosters could be helpful in this level. You may find that jelly fish are useful and a color bomb and wrapped and striped candy could be helpful as well. Extra moves could be good, as long as you are confident that you will stay on top of the bombs. A bomb cooler could be really helpful.

Candy Crush level 273: The short-count bombs have to be dealt with quickly. Match them or use special candies to eliminate them. They fall at the bottom from dispensers then jump up to the top of each individual column. This level has a tremendous amount of special candy combinations, such as the color bomb mixed with a striped candy, which is extremely effective in eliminating jelly. Start in the middle of the board and work towards the outside edges. The level is all about killing the bombs and creating combinations. This is not an easy level to master and it requires a great deal of patience and trying various combinations which assist in clearing. Look for opportunities to create color bombs and use them wisely by mixing them with striped candy. Keep trying and eventually you will be able to conquer this challenging level.



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