Candy Crush Level 274 Cheats and Tips


Provided you concentrate, you’ll get through this level without too many problems. The bombs will drop into the center column only: make a vertical striped candy in that column to destroy all the bombs a few moves before they detonate, and they will be replaced by new 15-move time bombs giving you more time to concentrate on your order.

Save any colour bombs you make for green candy, and make sure there is plenty of green candy on the board before you use them. Use any other special candy combos to make the order. You can have as many as 20 green left to get on your last move and still nail it if you get a combo, so don’t give in too easily.

• In this order level you need to collect 99 green candies.
• You will need to start by knocking out the meringue walls.
• This is so you can get access to these candy time bombs.
• You will need to make a vertical striped candy in the row to clear them all.
• You can always clear them one by one but that waste time and moves.
• Make any color bombs you can to collect green candies.
• They might also destroy some bombs.


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