Candy Crush Level 275 Cheats and Tips

The chocolate pieces in the top right and left corners are protecting you from 3-move time bombs: avoid removing these pieces of chocolate at all costs! Focus your play on the center of the board and try to keep chocolate in that general area, so that if you do accidentally remove the time-bomb seal with a combo, the chocolate will spawn and cover it up,

Mixing the jelly fish at the bottom with a colour bomb will help you get your teeth right into this level. You can also risk mixing one of them with striped candy, but you run a chance of setting off the 3-move time bomb dispensers. Keep good track of which jelly remains at all times, and if the Candy Crush Saga Gods will it, they will let you leave the Holiday Hut. Hallelujah!


Candy Crush Level 275 is the last level in the Holiday Hut episodes of Candy Crush Saga. To beat level 275 you must clear 65 jelly squares and score at least 130,000 points. This level features some hard blockers such as chocolates, candy bombs, chocolate fountains, and marmalade. The tough thing about this level is keeping the chocolate under control and also getting the jelly squares on the left and right side where the chocolate is covering to begin the game.

Ok… lets face it. This level is absolutely ridiculous. Pretty much every move, you need to worry about the bombs in the top left and hand corners of the board. And the worse thing? Well, they only have 2 moves on them before they explode. To get around this you want to keep that chocolate in the top left and right hand corners. This will keep the bombs away as much as possible. The trick is to keep the chocolate controlled as much as possible while still keeping the chocolates in the left and right hand corner. If you do happen to destroy the chocolate and the bomb drops down… wait a second. Sometimes the chocolate will cover it back up if you were playing around that area. If it doesn’t, then take your time and look for a move to get the bomb crushed as soon as possible.

For Candy Crush 275, you want to try and save the jelly fish at the bottom til the very end. This way you can use these jelly fish to get the last remaining jelly squares you have left. If you managed to keep the chocolate on the top left and right corners, then you can clear all the jelly and and save these for last. Too see a video on how to beat level 275, view below.


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