Candy Crush Level 276 Cheats and Tips


Work down into the meringues with every single move. Balance your moves between th left side and the right side and don’t worry about making colour bomb combos, or anything too fancy: your main aim is to get as much space on the board as possible as quickly as possible to give you more candies to match.

Once you’ve crushed the majority of the meringues, keep working at the bottom, but look up top for opportunities to make special candy and special candy combos. The most effective of all is a wrapped mixed with a wrapped candy, it will make a huge hole in the wall and the jelly for you.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• Each layer of meringue has double jelly underneath.
• Every move you make will have to be somewhere in the meringue or destroying it.
• Get as much space on the board open as you can so you can start clearing jelly.
• Once you have made a dent in the meringue start making any moves you can in the jelly.
• See if there are any moves on the top of the board to make combo candies to help you.


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