Candy Crush Level 277 Cheats and Tips


Who here doesn’t hate a level where you have to get a ton of wrapped candy? This one is more annoying than most. You have 9 wrapped candy on the side of the screen, marmalade coated. If you set off the wrapped candy at the top near the bomb dispenser, you’ll start getting time bombs. So, you need to use horizontal candy to set off the wrapped candy in the middle, which will takes out all the wrapped candy except the one at the top – it’s no good mixing wrapped and wrapped, otherwise you start getting bombs. Then you still have 10 of your own to make.

You could just wait until you have 15 moves left to mix a wrapped and wrapped together and get all 10 of the wrapped candy in the isolated column. Some may drop onto the main board and detonate other wrapped candy you’ve managed to make but not detonate. But that can be difficult to time.

The patterns will appear on the screen during game play, but it doesn’t make for a fun level, and it’ll swallow up your lives. One of those where you just need to keep on until you get it.


In Candy Crush Saga level 277 you need to collect the orders and score 20,000 points.

The order in level 277 is to activate 19 wrapped candies in 40 moves. There is a column of wrapped candies trapped in marmalade to the left but at the top is a bomb maker which releases 15 move bombs. On the main board there are chocolate spawners along the bottom row with four layer meringue blocking them. The right hand column is empty as it starts with a portal from the left hand column with the wrapped candies in. The end column on the right which contains candies, has all the candies locked in licorice.

To give you the best chance of making the required amount of wrapped candies you will need a large board. This means that it is worth unlocking the trapped candies, although it will mean the chocolate can start to grow. Also try to remove the meringue blockers. Always look for opportunities to make the wrapped candies though as they are rare. By releasing those on the left hand column you will get a lot of wrapped candies but then the bombs will be released. It could be best to therefore leave this until you have less than 15 moves left if you can. Therefore you will not have to worry about the bombs. This level has an element of luck and may take multiple attempts to solve.

Starting level 277 with a wrapped and striped candy combination could be helpful. Extra moves could also help. The bomb cooler or lollipop hammer boosters could be useful during the course of the game to help with the bombs. The sweet tooth or bubble gum troll could be useful to eliminate the chocolate.


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