Candy Crush Level 279 Cheats and Tips


You want to save your jelly fish until the very last moves on this level: it will clear any remaining jelly on the board, and those candy pieces in the corner are near on impossible to reach. If you mess up you can always try to get a colour bomb together to take out the remaining jelly, but it isn’t the easiest way to go about this level.

Just crush through the meringues and keep your eye on the time bombs, save the fish until the end, and you’ll beat this level.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• There is a single layer of jelly underneath the meringue layers.
• Save the jelly fish for the end because it will help you clear out the remaining jelly spots.
• The corner jellies are very hard to eliminate.
• You will have to make color bombs to take out that color of jelly.
• Make sure you watch out for your moves.


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