Candy Crush Level 280 Cheats and Tips

There’s no jelly under the meringues, so don’t waste time crushing into them. Just clear the jelly that’s visible on the board, then send your jelly fish out to destroy the jelly in the corners.

The only trick is not to set the jelly fish off until you’ve cleared the rest of the jelly that’s in play. And don’t bother mixing it with a special candy because there is no candy in those squares to make a special with.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• There is no jelly underneath the meringue layers.
• You will have to crush through some of the meringue layers to get to the other jellies.
• Use the jelly fish to help you with those last remaining pieces.
• Clear the jelly in the center before setting off the jelly fish to get rid of the corners.



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