Candy Crush Level 281 Cheats and Tips


Don’t even think about what colour candy you’re using, just crush your way through the meringue and make as much space as possible. The combos you make along the way, regardless of colour, will be enough to get that green on the board. Work from the bottom whenever you can.

Even if you get a colour bomb, don’t worry about getting green, just go for the most prominent colour. More green will come onto the board, and you’ll be making matches automatically provided you’ve cleared up the meringues.

• In this order level you need to collect 300 green candies.
• Start by clearing through the meringue.
• Do not worry about what color you using because you need to make as much space on the board as possible.
• There should be plenty of combos being made after you clear through the meringue.
• Use any combo candies as you can to help you collect all the green candies you need.


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