Candy Crush Level 283 Cheats and Tips


A timed level without the nasties: no chocolate, no bombs, you’d think it was going to be a cake walk. Not quite that simple, but not so tough either. You’ll get suprise bags dropping down to help you reach the target. Be thankful if you get a time bomb as it will help towards the score!

If you manage to crush through the meringues to the +5s you’re pretty much home and dry, but do keep looking for striped and wrapped combinations and particularly wrapped candy to help you crush further down into the meringue and make yourself space for points.

• This is a timed level.
• You need to score 30,000 points in 90 seconds.
• There are no chocolate or candy time bombs in this level.
• Mystery eggs will be dropping down as you make moves.
• Now chocolate or a candy time bomb might be in the mystery egg.
• Whatever you get use it to you advantage.
• Work your way down to the +5 candies and make as many combos as you can.


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