Candy Crush Level 285 Cheats and Tips

The jelly fish are safely locked away behind a meringue barrier, keep them there until you need them for those hard to reach pieces in the bottom corners. You can crush the meringue there with vertical striped candy, too, but getting stripes in the far columns is difficult and the fish will do a better job.

Use a colour bomb to clear up any remaining jelly in the corner at the end of the level. It’s a bit of a balancing act, but it’s not impossible.


In Candy Crush Saga level 285 you need to clear the jelly and score 65,000 points.

The shape of the board is what makes level 285 so tricky. It has double layered meringue on top of jelly in the bottom row which has just the far right and left and middle square present. This means that it is very difficult to reach them. There are also five layered meringue blockers over six squares in the top right cornets and five and four layered meringues around the centre square. All of these block three jelly fish.

Removing the jelly in the main part of the board is easy and pretty much happens automatically, however, the jelly in the bottom row cannot be removed without hard work. You will need to create vertical striped candies to remove them. As they have a double layer of meringue and then a double layer of jelly, this means making four. A striped and wrapped candy on the penultimate row at the bottom could help. A striped and color bomb combination may also be useful. Unblocking the jelly fish could be useful, but if this happens too early in the game they may eat the easier jelly. A wrapped candy activated near to these squares could remove a layer or meringue or jelly too.

There is a jelly fish booster available for level 285 which could be useful but having it early in the game may mean that easy jellies are removed. A wrapped and striped candy could be useful, but it depends where they are placed. During game play there are not really any useful boosters that you can use.



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