Candy Crush Level 286 Cheats and Tips


Choose a side you can make a good start on, and work into the top blocks of the meringue wall so you’re aiming for the second and the third colour bomb down. You won’t be able to make all your moves just on one side unless you get really lucky with the candy, but whenever you get a chance, just concentrate on those blocks to free those two colour bombs.

Remove the block of meringue between the second and third colour bomb down to have them land on top of each other, then mix them together so you make a colour bomb + colour bomb explosion. This should free the other colour bombs onto the screen of play where you’ll be able to make a second colour bomb + colour bomb explosion and free all 10 to make your order.

• In this order level you need to collect 10 color bombs.
• This level is very generous because it gives you all the color bombs you need to complete the level.
• Start by making moves to cut through the meringue.
• Start with the top and work your way down because there are dispensers at the top of these.
• Detonate the color bombs one by one so you won’t detonate all of them at once.


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