Candy Crush Level 288 Cheats and Tips

Can you say vertical striped candy? You’re going to need a lot of these for this level. Use them to set off the marmalade coated striped candy on the bottom segment, and then use them to move your ingredients down to the bottom and to the exit. Luckily you have 55 moves, but will that be enough? With a bit of strategy you should make it.

Keep note of when ingredients appear on the screen and try to get as many in the same column as you can. They shoud appear when you have 40 moves left, when you have 25 moves left, and when you have 10 moves left – if you manage to free an ingredient they will appear sooner. Of course, wrapped + striped also help a lot on this level, as would any colour bomb combo.


In Candy Crush Saga level 288 you need to get the ingredients down to the bottom and score 40,000 points to complete the level.

The big challenge in level 288 is removing the blockers at the bottom of the board so that the ingredients can get through. You can use vertical candies to help, but a stripe and wrapped combination is much more effective. A striped candy and color bomb could also be really useful as well. You will need a vertical striped candy or a stripe and wrapped candy combination to get the ingredients to drop down at the end, once the blockers have gone. It can be tempting to remove the blockers at the bottom of the top section of the board, but it is better to concentrate on the lower ones as they are much harder. Make sure that while you are doing this, you do not move the ingredients to the side as they can only exit the board in certain places and if you move them across they will not be lined up properly so they will be much harder to get to drop down. If you can, it is best to send a vertical striped candy down to unblock one of the horizontal striped candies that are blocked in marmalade. If you then send another vertical stripe down the same row it will activate that striped candy and unblock the other striped candies. You can then activate one of these with another vertical candy and you will destroy the lower level blockers. This is tricky though and is not the only way to win as striped and wrapped and color bomb and striped combinations could also work.

Special candies are key to winning level 288, which means that you need to keep looking for opportunities to make them. However, using boosters can be helpful as well. Some extra moves could be good too but apart from that most boosters are not a lot of help.


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