Candy Crush Level 289 Cheats and Tips


Use whatever colour candy you can to crush down into the meringues and make room on the board. You’ll eventually get enough space to make a colour bomb vertically – use it to take out whichever colour order you’re lagging behind with.

Even if you go for all reds on this level, you’ll still end up getting the candy you need to get through. You can have 25 or more left of one candy order to get and still achieve the goal on the final move with a decent cascade and combos, so don’t back out early.

• In this order level you need to collect 1 color bomb, and 150 purple and orange candies.
• Use whatever color you have to just to start clearing through the meringues.
• If you don’t clear through those meringues and get space on the board you won’t be able to make color bombs.
• Once you have made a dent into the meringue try to make a color bomb.
• Once you have made it detonate it with the color candy you need more of to fill the order.
• After that just make as many combo candies as you can to finish the order.


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