Candy Crush Level 293 Cheats and Tips

This is a frustrating level, you’ll probably come close to crushing through it many times before you actually get there. The best strategy we found for this level is a bit complicated.

If there are any matches on the left to make special candy, take them. Then make any available moves on the right to free the fish from the jelly, and bring the special candy from the left onto the right hand side of the screen. Try to match the special candy with a jelly fish. Only make a move on the left if it will either clear at least two jelly squares or at least two licorice blocks.

Wrapped and striped combos will help greatly on this level, as will matching a colour bomb with a jelly fish. If you’re matching a special candy with a jelly fish, make a note of how many candy are actually on jelly squares – if there are too many licorice blocks on jelly squares you may be better off moving a few candies around before you make the combo.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• The whole board is covered in jelly.
• You only get 25 moves to clear all the jelly so you know that you will need a lot of candy combos.
• Start by making any combos you can on the left side of the board because it will eventually fall to the right side of the board.
• Activate the jelly fish and have them help you clear jelly faster.


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