Candy Crush Level 294 Cheats and Tips


Don’t count on the surprise bags to help you get through this level. You’ll get one, or maybe even two colour bombs in there, but you’ll probably have to make three or more yourself.

First, focus on one side only and crush down into the meringue wall. Try to mix a wrapped with a striped to take out the bomb, or crush down next to the bomb and destroy it. Once you’re through on the first side, and the bomb is destroyed, try to open up the surprise bags and see what you have. Destroy any chocolate and bombs immediately, and only then focus on breaking through the meringue wall on the other side: hopefully what you’ve found in the bags has helped you, it’s not unusual to get a colour bomb and striped combo.

After that, look for the areas where you may get possible colour bomb formations: 2 above and two below an odd candy, or two to either side of an odd candy. When you get your first colour bomb, use it to strategically take out one colour and leave you with an immediate opportunity to make your next colour bomb. Then, do the same with the second colour bomb, and this level should be beaten.

• In this order level you need to collect 5 color bombs.
• Start by clearing one side of the meringue wall first.
• Once you get through the meringue you should be able to defuse the candy time bomb..
• Then open the surprise eggs and see what’s inside.
• You might get 2-3 color bombs just from the bags.
• After you detonate them they should have taken out the other side of the meringue.
• Now you have plenty of room to make the other color bombs that you need to complete the level.


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