Candy Crush Level 296 Cheats and Tips


You have a choice to make: either you use your coconut wheels to get a start on breaking through the meringue barrier, or you use them to unlock your licorice locked candy. In fact, you can use the left one to unlock the licorice, and the right one to try and make a dent in the barrier: it all depends on how this level is going for you.

Start by trying to make as many three candy matches on the top of the meringue barrier as you can. You won’t get many opportunities, so even if you just have a one candy hit on the wall, take it. Just work in that bottom area and make sure your ingredients don’t get moved out to the side: if they do you’re going to have to use our ingredient swapping guide on the tips page to get them free.

When the coconut wheels become free of the marmalade, decide what’s going to be best for you given the situation you’re in. If you’re getting a lot of horizontal striped candy and a lot of the licorice lock candy match, use the wheels to take out the meringue, otherwise use them to take out the locked candy.

Mixing wrapped and striped is good here: you can also try and mix your coconut wheel with a special candy to do more damage. This is an annoying level, on the whole. Some games you can do it with 25 moves remaining. Others, you’re nowhere near.


In Candy Crush Saga level 296 you need to bring the ingredients down to the bottom and score 20,000 points.

You just have to get two ingredients down in 50 moves on level 296. It sounds pretty easy! However, the board is split into two halves joined by a portal. The left hand side is the second part and contains 9 candies that a locked in licorice. The right hand side contains a few single meringue blockers but also some five layered meringue blockers as well. You start with one ingredient. The other appears at move 34 and you want to make sure that when it comes down it is lined up with one of the three portals at the bottom of the board if you can. Otherwise it will get stuck or you will have to make a match to move it across.

Start by working on removing the blockers. It is wise to use one coconut wheel to unlock the candies in the left hand board and the other to remove some of the meringue blockers. Making striped and wrapped candy combinations will be the most effective to clear the blockers. The first ingredient to go through will probably go right through the left hand board and off the bottom. The second will not so you will need horizontal striped candies or striped and wrapped combined candies to move it downwards.

You get the option of a coconut wheel, color bomb or striped and wrapped candy boosters at the beginning. These may not be that useful early on in the game as they could easily be activated when not in a useful position. Extra moves could be the best booster that you could use, although the switching tool and lollipop hammer might be useful in certain circumstances.


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