Candy Crush Level 298 Cheats and Tips


Nooks and crannies everywhere. However, the colour bomb in the center is your clue: getting through this level is most easily achieved with colour bombs and colour bomb combos, and there’s plenty of room in the center of the board for you to make them.

If you’re struggling, a striped and wrapped candy can do the same trick. Always look for any matches you can actually make in the jelly, particularly in the top row, but work towards combos and with a little bit of work, you’ll get through this level.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• Make any moves you can where the jelly is at.
• This will make it easier if you already start eliminating them to make combo candies.
• Get the color bomb unlocked out of the marmalade.
• Try to match the color bomb with a striped candy and set it off.
• This should destroy any of the remaining jellies on the board.


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