Candy Crush Level 299 Cheats and Tips

This is an order level where you do actually need to concentrate on the candy you have to get. Unlike others, where you can happily make the big combos with different colours and expect the wanted candy to come cascading down, the reds are in short supply here. You’re going to need to clear nearly every one of them you see.

Spend your first moves clearing the chocolate entirely. Keep it trimmed back as best as you can afterwards, to allow room on the board to get the reds, but go for combos and special candy over the chocolate. You’ll have some chances to make colour bombs: save these for when there are a lot of red on the board, or until you can mix it with a striped candy. There’s no generosity here, but make enough explosions and what you need will come your way.

• In this order level you need to collect 140 red candies.
• In this level you need to collect every red you see, it’s not like the last order levels where you can just rely on combo candies.
• In the first move is given to you and you will need to start clearing some of the chocolate so it’s not constantly spawning.
• Make special combos just to move chocolate out of the way some you can get more reds on the board.
• Watch and make sure the top doesn’t close up or it will stop the flow of candies coming down.



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