Candy Crush Level 303 Cheats and Tips


Combo-central! Use the marmalade coated colour bomb to take out the time bombs at the bottom: if you can combine it with a striped candy or a jelly fish, and that shouldn’t be too difficult, it’ll help you get a start on the mesh of meringue.

The chocolate is problematic on this level, so work to keep it under control, and remember which pieces of jelly you still need to get when it starts to spread. If you can keep the chocolate to the candy squares you’ve already cleared of jelly, it’ll save you a headache later in the level.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• There is pretty much jelly hiding behind everything on this board.
• Start by opening up the marmalade candies.
• You need to really get the color bomb to detonate with a striped candy to take out the candy time bomb in the bottom left.
• After you get rid of the candy time bomb detonate the rest of your combos.
• Then clear any remaining jelly on the board.


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