Candy Crush Level 304 Cheats and Tips

If you have a surprise bag match in between the meringue rows, take it. If it’s chocolate, or a time bomb, you’ve pretty much had it. If it’s special candy, you’re on your way. A wrapped and a striped here is the ideal start to the level.

Obviously you’re trying to match a colour bomb with a striped candy, to get multiple striped candies at once, but you can get through this level even without making this combo. Use a cascade of wrapped candies to set off more striped candy, and take whatever else the mystery bags may hold in them. Don’t waste too many moves deliberately trying to break through the meringues: the surprise bags will clear them up pretty quickly, but do take all opportunities for striped candy above wrapped candy, and take colour bombs whenever you can make them.


In Candy Crush Saga level 304 you need to collect all of the orders and score 60,000 points.

The challenge of level 304 is to activate 60 striped candies in 50 moves. Sounds impossible, but you will need to set off two or three color bomb and striped candy combinations in order to achieve it. To help you there are three rows of mystery candies but of course they may yield unhelpful things as well. There are also two rows of five layered meringue blockers to trap them in, which could mean that if one hatches into a bomb, it could end up exploding before you get to it. If you get chocolate, it could grow all over the rest of the row of mystery candies. You do get mystery candies dropping down as well.

On level 304 you may just have to take a risk and try activating the mystery candies to see what they are. You may then turn up color bombs and stripes which are the most useful. However, there is the risk of getting 5 move bombs so be prepared for those. It may just be down to luck in the end.

You can start with a wrapped and striped candy, color bomb and/or lucky candy. These could be useful but as there is so much luck in the level, it is probably best just to go for it and see how it unfolds as you may end up wasting your boosters. The same applies during gameplay, unless you have just a few moves left and need some help or want to use a lollipop hammer to destroy a bomb if you are close to winning.


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