Candy Crush Level 305 Cheats and Tips


Open up the surprise bags as quickly as you can and combine whatever you can to crush down into the meringues. You’ll get more bags dropping down as you play along, but they’re not always nice ones: so open them up one by one and deal with any nasties that come your way.

The trickiest part of this level is getting the bottom corner pieces. Wrapped and striped candy in the right place will help you out, and if you hit a colour bomb and striped combo right, it can help, but take any opportunity you can to hit those meringue blocks in the corner.

Candy Crush level 305 is located in the Jelly Jungle episode and is the last level before you advance to the next episode. This is one of the hardest levels in the episode and even the game. To beat this level you have 55 moves to crush 72 jelly squares and score at least 140,000 points. This level is absolutely full of meringues…There are Two-layer meringue, Three-layer meringue, Marmalade, and Five-layer meringue.This level is difficult because there are jelly squares in the bottom middle of the board that are very hard to get to.

The easiest way to get to these jelly squares is to create a vertical striped candy in the top portion of the board that will destroy the vertical striped candy under the marmalade at the bottom. You can also work to it by crushing the meringues… which is what most people do because they are jelly squares under them anyway. If you do the first option you will have another special candy you can make. The jelly fish under the marmalade will fall down next to the striped candy. You can then mix the striped candy with the jelly fish and you will create a bunch of striped candies from the jelly fish.

Level 305 will take you some time. You probably wont beat it on the first try and maybe not even the 20th.. but keep at it and you will get passed it. Follow our guide and you will beat level 305. You can also check out the video below and watch it happen first hand.


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