Candy Crush Level 308 Cheats and Tips


As well as the two marmalade coated colour bombs, you will get chances to make colouor bombs of your own. Try to combine at least one of the bombs with a striped candy for maximum damage, and wait until a large number of the chameleon candy are the colour of the striped candy before setting it off.

Ideally, you want any remaining candy under the jelly to be chameleon candy as well – check after every move to see if you can make a match at the sides, and you’ll beat this level without too many problems.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• In this level they jelly is in a column on the far left and far right of the board.
• You also have two marmalade coated color bombs in this level to help you.
• Your best bet will be to combine that with a striped candy to clear the jelly columns out.
• See if you can make any moves in the columns with the colors changing every move.


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