Candy Crush Level 311 Cheats and Tips


This is one of those insanely annoying ‘when you hit it right, you hit it right’ levels – we’ve managed to complete this level in 25 moves, and failed it more times than we care to count.

First, try to release the chameleon candy from the marmalade without disturbing the jelly fish. As the chameleon candy matches up, it will destroy the first layer of meringues. Then, as you make a hole in the meringue, combine the jelly fish with wrapped or striped candy (or a colour bomb) to do the ultimate damage.

Dropping wrapped candy down onto the meringue barrier, and combining wrapped with wrapped above the barrier will crush through it really quickly. Don’t even bother making moves at the top whilst there are moves down the bottom you can make to crush the meringue barrier, unless the move is going to make you at least a wrapped candy.

Combining wrapped and striped at the bottom can also help you out massively here. If you get colour bombs, wait until there is a predominant colour candy under the jelly before detonating it.


In Candy Crush Saga level 311 you need to clear the jelly and score 40,000 points.

The level 311 board has a number of interesting features. You have just 35 moves to clear the jelly and although you have jelly fish to help, the board is not shaped in an easy way so corners particularly could be tricky. It has rainbow candies trapped under marmalade on top of jelly and five layer meringue blockers at the bottom with double jelly layers below.

It is wise to start right away looking for the opportunity to make special candies. Striped, wrapped and stripe and wrap combinations can be very useful. A color bomb would be especially good if matched with a striped. Work on removing the blockers at the bottom and the higher part of the board should clear itself although if you an opportunity to clear those tricky top corners then take it. Let the special candies drop down to be activated near the bottom to help to remove them more easily.

At the beginning of the game you will be offered the choice of using a jelly fish, color bomb or wrapped and stripe candy but there is so much luck in the game as to whether you will close to completing the level that it may not be worth the risk in buying them. During play on level 311, you can also buy boosters but there are probably not any that would make a significant difference apart form in exceptional circumstances.


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