Candy Crush Level 312 Cheats and Tips


Open the surprise bags and clear up any chocolate or time bombs that may be lying in wait for you. Then try to make a colour bomb, and combine it with a striped candy. Those are the two simple steps to getting through this level.

Wait until there are a large amount of the same colour candy on the screen as the striped candy you’re going to match the colour bomb with.for maximum effectiveness. After that, get any remaining stripes for your order from the surprise bags, or repeat the colour bomb and striped process over again.

• In this order level you need to collect 40 striped candies.
• Start by opening up all the surprise eggs.
• They should have plenty of striped candies in there for you.
• If you get a color bomb try to detonate it with a striped candy to give you even more striped candies on the board.
• Watch your moves.
• If you see any candy time bombs detonate them as soon as possible.


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