Candy Crush Level 315 Cheats and Tips


You need to move the two ingredients in the far columns into the middle as soon as you can for this level. Bring them down one or two spaces by freeing up the chameleon candy from the marmalade, destroy any licorice blocks that may be in the way, and swap them over. Check out our ingredient swapping guide on the tips page if you’re struggling to remember how to move ingredients across the columns.

The coconut wheel can be sent sideways to create a vertical striped candy and bring down one of the ingredients, or sent up to free up some chameleon candy – just do whatever is going to help you the most when you reach it. Remember if you can combine it with a special candy it will be more effective.

If you get stuck swapping one of the ingredients across the columns, try to make a colour bomb elsewhere on the board to leave the right pattern to be able to move it. Using vertical striped candy once the ingredients are lined up over an exit is the best way to use your final moves and beat the level.


In Candy Crush Saga level 315 you need to bring down the ingredients and score 30,000 points to complete the level.

You have 50 moves to get down the three ingredients which are on the board to start with which may make level 315 sound easy. There are licorice swirl makers which will block you and some rainbow candies in marmalade which could be a nuisance. However, the most difficult thing about the board is that there are only three columns in the center of the row where the candies can fall down and two of the candies are too far to the side. This means that you have to move them across as well as down the board.

You have to set up these moves very carefully. To do this you need two candies of the same color above the ingredient. Then you have to wait for that color candy to appear by the side of the ingredient so that you can move the ingredient across to make the match. It may also be possibly to have two candies the same color in the rows to the side of the ingredient and one the same color the other side of it, so that you can move it across. You have to therefore work hard in the game concentrating on moving those ingredients across. Do not worry about the one in the middle as these will tend to fall down on their own.

So you need to look for opportunities to move the ingredients to the middle in every move of the game. Clearing the marmalade at the bottom could help with this a little bit, but there is a lot of luck in you getting the right color candies to make the required matches. It can take a long time to complete this level.

Boosters are not that helpful in level 315 as special candies will not help. The switching tool could be helpful at times though as could the lollipop hammer and using extra moves might be useful but is a gamble.


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