Candy Crush Level 316 Cheats and Tips


Concentrate more on making vertical striped candy to crush through the meringue at the bottom than making horizontals to free the marmalade coated candy on the right hand side. The occaisonal licorice blocker will fall down until you break through the bottom, but it’s more effective to get the candy flowing onto the right hand side of the screen than it is to clear the marmalade.

Once you’re through to the right hand side, make your moves exclusively on the right hand side until you have 4 or 5 blocks of jelly remaining. At that point, see if there are any horizontal matches you can make to clear those blocks if you’re running out of moves that will help you on the right.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• All the jelly is on the right side of the board.
• You will need to fist clear the meringue on the left side of the board to get candy down to the transporters.
• This will transport candy over to the right side so you can start making moves and clearing jelly.
• Be careful of the color changing jelly and check back every time to see if you can make a new move.


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