Candy Crush Level 318 Cheats and Tips


Concentrate on crushing the meringue wall and reaching the time bombs first. The ingredients will be working their own way down whilst you’re working on that – use colour bombs if necessary to diffuse the time bombs before the countdown runs out.

Then, once you’ve got your ingredients heading to the bottom of the board, either try and make matches in the side sections or make horizontal candy to hit the side sections and bring the ingredients down to the exit.

• In this level you will need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom.
• Start by clearing all the meringue.
• This will give your ingredient a path to travel and for you an open board to make combos.
• Destroy the candy tie bombs before they detonate.
• Also the ingredients are going to travel from the bottom of the left side of the board to the two sides of the board on the right side.
• To fully get your ingredients to the bottom you will have to use horizontal striped candies to clear them on the right.


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