Candy Crush Level 322 Cheats and Tips


There’s no jelly under the meringues, and the meringues are holding back the chocolate. Still it’s difficult to make the matches you need without at least making some kind of dent in the wall.

Mixing a striped and wrapped candy down the bottom centre or top centre will help you clear the jelly without freeing the chocolate too soon. Then, break through the meringues near the hard to get jelly in the corners, so you get more opportunities for matches, but try not to go too far through and completely release the chocolate. Spend about two moves making jelly matches for every one move you spend trimming back the chocolate spread once you’re through the wall.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• There is no jelly under the meringue.
• All the jelly is just in the center and the meringue is holding back the chocolate from spawning.
• You will have to clear some of the meringue to make all the moves you need to clear the jelly.
• Use striped and wrapped candies to help clear the jelly.


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