Candy Crush Level 325 Cheats and Tips


The marmalade coated chameleon candy protects you from the chocolate for the first few moves, but you’ll need to remove it pretty quickly to get through the level. Try to take a piece of chocolate off the board with every move. That’s the major obstacle standing in the way of you clearing your ingredients: you will get a chance to make both vertical and striped candy, so use those to clear the path to the exit.

The last ingredient won’t appear until you have 2 moves left, unless you’ve managed to clear all the other ingredients, so try to keep a vertical striped candy lined up to take that out quickly. If you get your ingredients stuck on the bottom row, you’re going to need a horizontal striped candy down the bottom to clear them out.

The latest version of this level doesn’t have a licorice dispenser in the middle. In fact, the licorice blocks are just a minor distraction, and its removal doesn’t really make this level any easier. You’ll probably make a couple of colour bombs along the way, so save these for any stuck ingredients.


In Candy Crush Saga level 325 you need to bring down the ingredients and score 100,000 points to complete the level.

What makes level 325 difficult is not just the fact that you have to bring down 12 ingredients in 50 moves but the fact that the bottom half of the board is covered in chocolate and there are 10 chocolate spawners too.

The key to completing level 325 is to make as many special candies as possible. You will find that vertical striped candies will be useful for getting the ingredients down quickly, for example but any special candies and combinations will help. Start by unblocking the chocolate and clearing a path through it and then work on getting the ingredients down. Do not worry too much about the chocolate, it will clear as you make your moves anyway. You may find that once you get ingredients down, you will have a few moves where there are none on the board. If this is the case then make special candies or clear areas of chocolate. It is wise to be careful with moves though, you do not have many considering what you have to achieve and so do not waste moves and be patients as eventually you will get a board that will allow you to win.

The most useful boosters in level 325 are probably the bubble gum troll, sweet tooth and extra moves. It is relatively easy to make special candies but it is the lack of moves and chocolate that tends to be the bigger problem here.


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