Candy Crush Level 33 Cheats and Tips


You have four separate grids of four with four double jelly blocks in the middle. Your moves are limited, so you can burn through those lives really quickly. But, a little bit of patience, combined with a good strategy, will get you through this level fairly easily.

Start by looking for any match-4s on the screen. Always try to make moves that hit the double-jelly twice, and work at the bottom first to make chance combinations up the top. Chance is a keyword here. There’s a lot of luck involved – but if you think this is difficult, just wait and see what lies ahead!


In Candy Crush Saga level 33 you need to clear the jelly and score 32,000 points.

What makes level 33 difficult is that you only have 17 moves to remove 16 pieces of jelly. The board is split in to four 4×4 squares with the jelly in the middle. It is worth noting that when you make a match in the lower squares the candies fall down from the upper squares. This means that you need to make any matches that you see at the top first or else you will lose the opportunity to do them.

Concentrate on making matches that will clear jelly. However, special candies could also be useful and so consider making these too. A wrapped candy could remove multiple amounts of jelly and so could a striped candy. A wrapped and striped candy combination could remove a significant amount of jelly. There is some luck in the game as to whether the candies you get will make matches in the right places to clear the jelly. This means that you may have to play it several times before you can complete it.

If your friends have sent you some extra moves, then these could be handy as you have so few in level 33. A lollipop hammer could help remove the last jelly if you have no other chance of getting it in order to win. However, it can be worth saving boosters for later levels when things get more difficult, but if you have played this for a long time, then use them to stop the boredom.

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