Candy Crush Level 332 Cheats and Tips


Coconut wheels are going to help you out here. Make your first few moves in the column your first ingredient has appeared in and bring it down as far as you can, also try to bring the time bomb down the column or diffuse it if you can. If you can’t, when the time bomb just has one move left, send the coconut wheel so that it diffuses the bomb, and sets off the second cocunut wheel. If you get it right, it should bring down three ingredients as once.

There’s still three ingredients left to get after that, and time bombs will still appear. Each time, try to bring the bomb into play to diffuse it, and try to get some striped candy to take the ingredients off the screen. Remember that if you have less than 10 moves left, you won’t need to worry about the bomb, and you can go straight for the candy.

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom of the board.
• You are given coconut wheels at the start of this level.
• I would suggest saving them until you have brought a few ingredients down close to the bottom.
• Also try and bring the time bomb out of its column and defuse it.
• After you have used your two free boosters, bring the rest of the ingredients down.
• Remember to defuse time bombs and not to waste moves.


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