Candy Crush Level 335 Cheats and Tips


You only need to make 2 colour bombs, and there are 2 colour bombs on the screen. However, they’re protected by licorice locked candy and super-meringue blocks. Try to crush through to them, if you must, but if you play your game normally you should get an opportunity to make 2 colour bombs as you go along before you get to them.

In Candy Crush Saga level 335 you need to collect the orders and 10,000 score points.

The order that you have to collect is two color bombs, which may seem east. However, the board has missing squares in the middle and on the edges so there is less room to make the required combinations. There are color bombs trapped in the bottom corners but these are blocked by five-layered meringue, licorice swirls, candies trapped in licorice and rainbow candies trapped in marmalade. With only 40 moves you do not have much time to get the required orders.

You need to start level 335 by working away at removing all of the blockers. As there are so many rainbow candies you will need to keep looking at every part of the board after every move, to search for the best move. Special candies are helpful at removing more blockers and so it is worth looking for opportunities to make these. However, the licorice blockers can get in the way when you activate them so be careful when you do this so you do not waste them. Work slowly and methodically as you do not get many moves on this level and you do not want to waste a single one.

Extra moves could be useful in level 335 and starting with a color bomb could really help, but you will have to gamble and hope that you will get the other one that you need or else you will waste the booster. Sweet tooth could be good to remove some blockers and the lollipop hammer could help if you are close to the end of the game and it is your only chance of winning.


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