Candy Crush Level 340 Cheats and Tips

The jelly on either side of the grid isn’t so difficult to take out. As you’ve learned in previous levels, vertical striped candies will help you break into the grid, then you can make matches once you’re through. The chameleon candy will sometimes make a match itself as it changes colour..

However, the trickiest part of this level is the jelly column in the bottom middle. It contains striped candies to begin with, but these are replaced with 5 move time bombs when they are used. If you can keep the top candy jellified, it stops the bombs from falling through, so you can use the bottom two striped candies – but that is no easy task. Try to avoid touching the bottom middle column until you’re on your final moves, and have plenty of specials ready to take out the bombs.

If you’re looking to get through this level quickly using boosters, mixing a Swedish fish with a striped candy should clear most of the locked candies in one simple move.


In Candy Crush Saga level 340 you need to clear the jelly and score 35,000 points.

The board it split into four parts. The top part has no jellies and no obstacles with a portal that drops down to the section below. There are three lower sections two 3×3 squares each side containing rainbow candies and a 1×3 in the middle with a bomb maker on top that produces 5 move bombs. The lower sections contain the jellies (apart from the middle part with the bombs) but also have marmalade over everything.

Special candies are needed for level 340. You will need to use a vertical striped candy, striped and wrapped combination or color bomb to clear the marmalade and then start clearing the jellies. A color bomb combined with striped or wrapped would be most effective too. The central bottom area with the bomb maker does not have jellies and so could be ignored. It does contain three horizontal striped candies though, which could be useful at removing a layer of jelly from each square. However, once the bombs drop it is extremely difficult to remove them, so you are best to time this well, once you have less than five moves left at the end of the game or if you are sure that the move will allow you to win the game in less than five moves.

Extra moves could be handy in level 340 as could a bomb cooler. Other boosters may help but are a risk as you never know whether you will still be lucky enough to win.



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