Candy Crush Level 350 Cheats and Tips


Concentrate your initial moves on the top center of the screen, and make as many striped and wrapped candies as you can. Do not worry if you’re not clearing the jelly at the start, it will come as you move your play down to the bottom of the board. It’s an open grid, so there are a lot of opportunities for combos – mix striped and wrapped together or use vertical stripes to start making a dent in the layer of meringues at the bottom, and be careful not to set off the bomb dispenser too early in the game.

Timed candy bombs will appear to be locked in to the row above the meringues. There are two strategies here. First, try to get a horizontal striped candy on the row and detonate it to take out the bombs. Alternatively any matches you make in the bottom three rows will move the bombs down on to the general grid and make them easier to diffuse as a part of normal play.

Because of the tough layers of meringue protecting the jelly squares you’re going to need to be making combo after combo on this level. Unlocking the marmalade coated candies between the meringues will help a lot. As soon as you’ve made a hole in the meringues do as much play as you can down the bottom of the board – and the jelly at the top of the board will start to clear up through the chance combination as candy drops down. Alternate between working on difficult jelly squares down the bottom and keeping the bombs diffused, then use your final moves to try and clear up any remaining jelly on the board. One way to approach this is to attempt to get all remaining jelly coating the same colour candy, and use a colour bomb to clear it up.


Candy Crush level 350 is probably the hardest level in the game. We rated this level as Insanely hard and we think many people can agree. Level 350 is located in the Pearly White Plains episode and to beat the level you must clear 73 jelly squares and score at least 145,000 points.

Many people feel that this is the hardest level of the game and this is probably to do with the two bomb makers which are placed in awkward positions. Once you activate one and a bomb is released, it is very difficult to find the right special candies to remove it again. Luckily there are no jellies directly under the bomb maker but there are a few levels below. The bombs that come out have 12 moves before they explode, which may sound quite generous, but considering how hard it is to remove them, is not many at all.

There is jelly all over the board on level 350. The bottom three layers is trapped under multi-layered meringue so this needs removing first. Then you need to remove the jelly. The jelly at the top is much easier to remove, so it much better to concentrate at the bottom, removing the meringue then jelly and a lot of the top will clear itself anyway. You need to think about the consequences of every move because you want to avoid releasing the bombs.

Therefore, certain moves can be dangerous. A color bomb combination with another color bomb, striped or wrapped could easily set off the bomb so they might not be wise, even though they will potentially remove a lot of jelly and/or blockers. Striped candies can be better, as long as their path does not activate the bomb maker. Wrapped candies can again be useful, but only activate them if they are not near to the bomb makers. Wrapped and striped combinations could potentially clear a lot as well, but it is again wise to avoid the bomb makers. A color bomb set off with one color candy could be worth using, as long as the color selected is not on of the candies under the bomb maker.

It is worth noting how many moves you have left because you can take risks once you have less than 12 moves left as the bombs will not have time to go off. You could potentially set up moves and wait until the right time to do them. Also once the blockers have been removed from below the bomb, it can fall down further which potentially makes it easier to remove.

Some people find that they solve level 350 more easily by ignoring the threat of the bombs and just making as many special candy combinations and they can. They then hope that they can destroy the bombs using these before they explode. This can be a risk but it could be a more fun way to play the level as making special candies can be exciting.

Using horizontal stripes at the bottom can be a really great way to remove jellies or blockers as can using stripe and wrapped combinations. If you work as low on the board as you can, then this should help you to remove more of the obstacles.

There is quite a bit of luck in level 350. Extra moves and fish boosters could be useful, but really you just need a board that allows you to make the combinations of special candies that will help you to win. Some people take months to solve this level so you will need to be patient.


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