Candy Crush Level 356 Cheats and Tips

Moves in the far right bottom quadrant of the board will move candy in all the other quadrants – if you just need to move a candy down a few spaces in the top right, for example, make a move that affects the corresponding columns in the bottom far right, and your candy will drop into place.

You need to make striped + striped candy, in fact, the hardest part of this level is not setting off the striped candy before you have a match next to it. However, once you get familiar with how a move in one quadrant affects the other candies, and get skilled at moving the striped candies around, this level is quite easily achievable.


In Candy Crush Saga level 356 you need to collect the orders and score 40,000 points to complete the level.

Level 356 requires 5 striped and striped candy combinations in 50 moves. This might sound easy but the board is split in to four 4×4 squares making it not only tricky to make the striped candies but also to get two together. There are portals between the squares so that candies can drop into the other squares as certain matches are made. To make things even more fun, there will be occasional 10 move bomb coming down from the top as well.

This is a level that is very much down to luck as getting striped candies is hard enough without matching them together. You will need to concentrate hard in making every possible striped candy that you can. Obviously concentrate on the bombs too, but once you have less than ten moves, any new bombs coming down will not have to be worried about. It may be useful to use striped and wrapped combinations to clear the boards if you have many squares that are not moving due to a lack of moves, but do not work at doing this, just do it if you have the opportunity. It can be useful to just play in the bottom right square as this would mean all the striped candies are kept in the same square, although you may find that eventually you run out of options in that square. If you do move to the square above and then to the lower left one and then to the one above. However, while playing in that square, still make any striped candies that you can in the other squares, so only play that square if there are no opportunities to make striped candies elsewhere.

Boosters are very little help on level 356.


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