Candy Crush Level 361 Cheats and Tips


You have three-layer meringues and chocolate fountains blocking your ingredients’ exits on this level. Keep your ingredient in a column that doesn’t have a chocolate fan in it, and try to bring all ingredients down the same column.

The second ingredient will appear when you make the move that takes you from 31 moves remaining to 30 moves remaining, the third will appear on the change from 16 to 15, so try to make those moves a vertical match in your clearest column to make sure the ingredient ends up where you want it. If you end up with an ingredient stuck on top of a meringue, use the ingredient swapping guide on our tips and hints page to help you out.

In Candy Crush Saga level 361 you need to bring down the ingredients and score 40,000 points to complete the level. You have 45 moves to bring down four ingredients, but at the bottom of the screen there are double-layers of meringue blocking the exit but also chocolate spawners too. You will start with one ingredient and two more will appear at moves 30 and 15 and the last one when you have cleared the others.

There are two approaches to level 361. You can just clear the path for the ingredient you have on the screen to start with. You may then only get ingredients appearing in that path and therefore can ignore the rest of the screen. This may not be possible though and so you may be better just clearing as many blockers as you can using special candies where possible, then getting the ingredients down the best way that you can. However you choose to play vertical striped candies are very handy. Wrapped and striped candies are even better. Wrapped candies are useful at removing the blockers and chocolate. Color bomb and striped could also be extremely handy on level 361. The level is a very hard one though and you will have to keep playing and hoping that you will get a lucky board that will allow you to make the matches that you require. Boosters could be handy, especially using some extra moves at the beginning. A lollipop hammer could be useful too, to get the ingredients down at the very end.


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