Candy Crush Level 37 Cheats and Tips


There’s a column of licorice x-blockers and a row of meringues hiding the jelly on this level. Once you clear the locked in pieces in the middle column, you can make big match-4 and match-5 combos a lot easier to cut through the meringues at the bottom. Clear the jelly in the corner whenever you get a chance – it’s the most difficult to get.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• There is a row of licorice that has jelly hiding underneath it.
• Once you clear those pieces in the middle there will be opportunities to make 5 match combos.
• Clear the jellies in the corners whenever you can.
• Use your moves wisely.


Candy Crush level 37 is located in the Chocolate Mountains episode. To beat this level, you must score 60,000 points and clear 23 double jelly squares. Most of the jelly squares are hidden behind locked candies and a few are in the bottom left and right hand corners of the level.

Your first priority in level 37 is to clear the locked candies so you can access and crush the double jelly squares. Keep your eyes open for special candy combinations you could make because they will clear the locked candies and meringue a lot faster. The toughest part of this level is getting to those locked candies in the bottom left and right hand corners of the board. They are pretty difficult to get to since they are behind the meringue.

You will have a little trouble at first clearing the locked candies in the middle of the board, but once you get a few unlocked, its a lot easier to get the other ones crushed. If you want to watch how to beat level 37, view the video below.


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