Candy Crush Level 371 Cheats and Tips


The cakes are blocking the cakes on this level. Try to mix a wrapped + wrapped candy just above one of them to take it out and leave yourself room to get the ingredients free, failing that, you’ll have to chip away at the hard to get pieces with vertical striped candy and wrapped and striped combos.

Try to bring the second ingredient down in the same column as the first one to ensure an easy exit. If your ingredient gets stuck on top of the cake, you’ll need to use classic ingredient swapping strategy (on the tips page).

In Candy Crush Saga level 371 you need to bring down the ingredients and score 20,000 points.
The challenge is just to bring down two ingredients in 50 moves on a large board. However the bottom of the board on level 371 have four cake bombs. You will need to remove these before the ingredients can drop down.

You will therefore need to work on removing the cake bombs. You can get rid of the top layer of slices by making matches just above them, but the lower ones need to be zapped with vertical striped candies or striped and wrapped combinations. A color bomb and striped candy could help to clear quite a few as well, if you are lucky enough to get vertical ones. It is difficult to destroy them and once one disappears, there is no guarantee that it will be the one that you need to clear the path for the ingredients. You have to just keep persevering with it until you get a board that will allow you to win. Keep looking for chances to make special candies and this should help you do better at level 371.

A lollipop hammer can be used to remove a slice of cake, which can be useful if you are close to clearing one. Extra moves, the coconut wheel and special candies could also be worth selecting at the start of the game, but there is no knowing whether they will be enough to get you through level 371 as there is still an element of luck.


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