Candy Crush Level 375 Cheats and Tips


Clear the cake as quickly as you can: our personal best is 5 moves, but if the board isn’t being quite so kind to you, try to balance your moves between the left and the right column as much as you can, to stop the left column getting flooded with licorice swirls as soon as they drop through from the right.

You’re still going to need to concentrate and make a ton of combos to clear the jelly, even with the cake gone. Striped + wrapped or colour bomb + striped work well for this one.

In Candy Crush Saga level 375 you need to clear the jelly and score 145,000 points to complete the level.

Although you have 50 moves for level 375, it is a challenge. The board is split in two halves and the right hand side is all jelly covered in licorice swirls. The left hand side is also all jelly but normal candies with a cake bomb. There is a lot of jelly on this level, but it is best to start by concentrating on the cake bomb. Once this is removed it will remove the top layer of either licorice or jelly and so will be really helpful. Special candies and combinations of these can also be useful to get rid of the jellies but as there is a lot of licorice around, they may not be completely effective, so it is best to use them with care.

Level 375 does have a lot of luck. It is necessary to remove the cake bomb very quickly and if you do not have the right candies to do that then you will not have enough time to complete the level. It is just a case of keeping on trying it, until you do. If you can, work on the left hand side for the biggest chance of removing more jellies.

Boosters are not that handy for level 375. Getting special candies at the beginning may be wasted if the cake bomb goes off before they are used. The sweet tooth may be useful for getting rid of some licorice but it could be better to just leave things down to luck.


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