Candy Crush Level 376 Cheats and Tips


Free the three special marmalade coated candies without detonating them, then mix the wrapped candy with the striped candy, which will set off the other striped candy and take three slices of the cake. Work on striped and wrapped combos until the cake explodes, then when the candy falls down, move your play to the other side of the board.

There’s still a lot of ingredients to get, so keep on with the combos, and keep the chocolate under control. Clearing the meringues won’t be a problem when you can hit them from all sides

Level 376 has a bit of everything in it, rows of chocolate, triple-meringue blockers, chocolate spawners, cake bomb and a few special candies encased in marmalade. However, it is important to focus on the fact that 18 ingredients have to be removed form the board in just 40 moves.

It is good to start with removing the cake bomb. A couple of stripe and wrapped combinations, which are pretty easy to do with only four colors of candy on the board, will do it. Otherwise some vertical striped candies. The cake bomb explosion will remove the chocolate, allowing the ingredients to get halfway down the board. Then you just have to remove the three rows of triple layer meringue blockers, one layer of which will have already been removed for you by the explosion. To do this you will need vertical striped candies and striped and wrapped candy combinations. A color bomb and striped combination could also help. As the ingredients all rest on the layer of meringue blockers there is no way to remove them unless you are using special candies. There is therefore some luck required and you also need to take advantage of any opportunity that you can with regards to making special candies.

Starting with boosters in level 376 is not that helpful as you can usually set off the special candies on the board to help at the beginning. Through the game you just need to make special candies and so boosters are not much help with this. Starting with extra moves could be the most useful thing to try.


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