Candy Crush Level 377 Cheats and Tips

Focus on one side on the board, and work your way down through the wall of meringue to the cake. Try to use the candy you need for your orders as much as possible: look to match up a colour bomb with a striped candy from one of the orders, and wait until you get as much of that candy colour on the screen before detonating it.

Time the cake explosion with the best layout of candy that you can, then clear up the remaining candy orders with your remaining moves.

In Candy Crush Saga level 377 you need to collect the orders and score 30,000 points to complete the level. You have to collect 100 each of green, purple and yellow candies in 50 moves. The board is big but has five-layered meringue blockers with licorice under and then cake bombs. There is not a large enough area of the board to be able to meet the requirement without removing at least one cake bomb. This means that you need to remove the blockers and then the cake bombs if you want to win. While you do this, you will be makings ome of the required matches of course. The best way to remove the blockers and cake bombs is using wrapped and wrapped candy combinations. Obviously these are hard to make so wrapped and striped will also help as will single wrapped and stripes if they are well placed. A color bomb can be extremely useful, especially if combined with a striped candy of one the colors that you need to remove to win.

Level 377 is so hard that many people get nowhere close to even removing one cake bomb when they play it. You need to work hard at making special candies so that you can do this as well as keeping on with playing until you get a lucky board. Boosters on level 377 could be handy, especially extra moves and special candies. This is actually a fun level, even though it is tricky as there are no bombs or chocolate to content with!



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Candy Crush Level 378 Cheats and Tips
  • gcp

    I am ready to quit this game! This level is ridiculous! I’ve gotten close maybe twice in over a hundred tries. I’ve tried every tip and nothing had worked! I give up, it shouldn’t be this hard!