Candy Crush Level 380 Cheats and Tips


The two cakes will take out the meringue at the bottom, revealing the double jelly underneath and allowing it to fill up with candy. After that, it’s a mix of big candy combos to crush through the chocolate and making matches in the bottom to get through this level. There’s no special tips or tricks, other than destroying both the cakes as soon as you possibly can

In Candy Crush Saga level 380 you need to clear the jelly and score 45,000 points.

What makes this board difficult is not only that the jelly is under double-layered meringue but there are also chocolate spawners in the middle of it. There are cake bombs, which could help with removing the blockers or jelly though, but the 50 moves will nevertheless not leave much time to achieve this.

To remove the blockers on level 380 you will either need to activate vertical striped candies, striped and color bomb or wrapped combinations or remove the color bombs. It is wise to work on the color bombs, but look for any opportunity to make a special candy too. Once you have removed the blockers, then coloured candies will fall into the lower section of the board and you will have a much better chance of removing the jellies. You will need to work hard to get special candies again, if you can so that you can remove more sections of jelly before the chocolate takes over. Make as many matches as you can at the bottom, but you will then have to return to the top and make vertical stripes to remove chocolate and jellies. As before striped and wrapped and striped and color bomb combinations can be very useful.

Starting with extra moves could be helpful in this game and the sweet tooth and bubble gum troll boosters could be useful to keep control of the chocolate during game play.


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