Candy Crush Level 382 Cheats and Tips


Mixing the marmalade coated striped and wrapped candies isn’t as effective as you’d think it would be: the licorice swirls will be barely touched by the combo. Instead, focus your initial moves on breaking through the meringue barriers to the double jelly blocks on the left and the right and filling the double jelly squares underneath the licorice swirls with candy.

Once you’re through, work up top to make big candy combos to crush the candy over the jelly squares and remove the jelly. Dropping wrapped candy into the jelly segments works well here

You have 40 moves in this level to remove the jelly. The jelly is in the lower parts of the board, in sections that have squares missing either side to make them harder to remove. They are also blocked in with double-layered meringue, have licorice swirl blockers on them and there are two chocolate spawners near to them.

Level 382 is an incredibly difficult level. You need to aim to make wrapped and striped combinations and color bomb and striped combinations so that you can remove as much jelly and chocolate as you can. A wrapped and wrapped combinations in either corner will help to remove the jelly there. There is a lot of luck in the level, firstly in making the special candies, getting them positioned together and then in the right places to clear the jelly. Two color bombs together can make a huge difference on this level, but anyone who has got this far will realize that these are extremely rare.

There have been reports that level 382 is far harder on a phone than a PC due to the way that the striped and wrapped combinations work. This may depend on whether you are using an iOS or Android version but it could be worth playing in the PC through Facebook, to make it easier.

Extra moves could help as could special candy boosters but it is pure luck as to whether you will still be able to win or not.


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