Candy Crush Level 385 Cheats and Tips

Open up the surprise bags on the top to see if there’s anything to help you, then open the ones on the bottom using veritcal striped candy and wrapped and striped combos, and use whatever is inside to get a start on this level.

There’s double jelly under the meringues, too, so you’ll need to keep on with the combos to get through. No real tips or tricks to this one, just play your best Candy Crush Saga strategy and you’ll get through eventually!

Level 385 has lots of double layers of jelly to remove some of which are covered in double-layered meringue. There are mystery candies which might help but the board has an awkward shape making it much harder to clear some jellies than others. Mystery candies do fall down and so these can be helpful as well, but only if you are lucky.

Wrapped candies, stripes and combinations of stripe and stripe, wrapped and stripe as well as wrapped and wrapped can help to clear a lot of jelly. Color bombs can be useful too especially if combined with a stripe or wrapped or best if with another color bomb. This means that it is important to keep looking for matches that will make special candies. You also need to take any opportunity to break through the blockers and remove any jelly. There is luck with the mystery candies as well. You will probably need to match quite a few of them to give you a chance to get the special candies that you need to win, but there is a risk that they will turn into a blocker or chocolate.

Level 385 offers jelly fish, color bomb and striped with wrapped boosters to start with. These could be handy, but you need a significant amount of them to win, so it may be worth it. The in game boosters are unlikely to be helpful too, unless they are really needed. This may depend on what is inside the mystery candies.


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