Candy Crush Level 391 Cheats and Tips

Clear the meringue to get to the colour bombs, and use the colour bombs to take out the timed bombs. Mix colour bomb with colour bomb to clear the board of all the timed bombs, then use the remaining colour bombs to stack up some of the orders. Alternatively, focus each colour bomb on one colour time bomb if you can’t make the combo.

Remember you need to get 240,000 points as well as meeting the objectives – every match you make in the outer columns will bring down timed bombs which will add to your score if you’re struggling. Hold off making the final move to complete your orders if you’re not close to the score, and spend some time diffusing timed bombs to get you through this level.


On level 391 you need to collect 77 yellow, 66 blue and 55 red candies with 40 moves. The board has five color bombs blocked in one layered meringue blockers. However to each side of the board is a column of 15 move bombs with a bomb dispenser above it.

The bombs can all be cleared with a double color bomb combination. Therefore unlock them first and match three of them against single color candies (yellow, blue and/or red would be good) and then with the last two combine them together. Your columns of bombs will be replaced with normal candies. If you can avoid setting off any horizontal stripes or stripe and wrapped combinations until you have less than 15 moves left, you will not have to worry about the bombs. Then you just need to work on getting your quote or red, blue and yellow candies. This is easier if you release the bombs more quickly and special candies can also help to remove more. There is some luck but as long as you get rid of the bombs, the level is not that difficult. Just try not to panic about the bombs and think of ways to et rid of them quickly.

Boosters are not really necessary in level 391 as you have so many color bombs to use. However a bomb cooler or lollipop hammer might be useful if you do not get the chance to get rid of them all.



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