Candy Crush Level 394 Cheats and Tips

Crush down through the meringues to start with, vertical striped candy will reduce the columns to one-hitters, then chip away at them. If you get a chance for a striped candy or striped and wrapped candy combo on the sides, use it, but most of your moves should be used to get rid of the meringues and down to the jelly squares.

Hopefully the surprise bags will have something to help you get to the exploding cake, or release your jelly fish, then the jelly fish in turn will also help destroy the exploding cake. You may need to revert your play to the top to get a combo to hit the cake or the fish if you still haven’t destroyed them, colour bombs with striped candy, as always is the way to go. You’re most likely to end this particular level with the explosion of the second cake.


In Candy Crush Saga level 394 you need to remove the jelly and score 40,000 points to complete the level. There are eight pieces of jelly under cake bombs, which are not only in the corners but have blank spaces above them. Ten pieces of jelly are under double-layered meringue and three have mystery candies on top of them, making level 394, very tricky to complete in just 50 moves.

You will need to remove the meringue and cake bombs, but as the cake bombs are hardest it is best to work on these first. Make as many special candies as you can as you will not win without then. Vertical striped candies will remove slices of cake, but combined with wrapped candies could remove twice as much. They are also good for removing the blockers. A color bomb and striped candy could remove a lot of blockers, cake slices and jelly as well. Just keep plugging away at the game looking for moves. Start by trying to destroy cake bomb slices, then look for chances to make special candies and if you cannot do that then try to do a match that will remove a blocker. There is luck in level 394 and so you may just find that it is not possible to complete the level. Do not worry about getting rid of the jelly until you have removed both cake bombs. Hopefully once they are gone you will not have much left and will have enough moves to get rid of it.

Having extra moves could help with level 394. Other boosters are a risk but jelly fish could be helpful as could extra special candies.


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