Candy Crush Level 402 Cheats and Tips


Another colour bomb level, and it’s nowhere near as fun as the others. You’ve got 7 to make, and just one on the board.

Making colour bombs is easiest on the bottom row, as there’s nowhere else for the candies to drop once you get them in formation down there. Start clearing the licorice locked candy at the bottom first, and make good use of the one marmalade locked colour bomb that it does give you!

The order to fulfill in level 402 is 7 color bombs in 50 moves. It sounds quite simple, especially as there is a color bomb on the board to start with, granted it is trapped in marmalade and surrounded by candies trapped in licorice and four-layered meringue blockers. Licorice swirls also randomly fall down at times.

It is best to start by removing the blockers and unlocking the candies and the color bomb in the center. However, you need to check every move to see if you have a chance of making a color bomb as opportunities are rare. Do not be tempted to make other special candies as they could give you the opportunity to make a color bomb if you leave them, unless it is not possible to make a color bomb with them.

There is a lot of luck with this level in getting the right combinations of candies. The quicker you can clear the blockers at the beginning the better as that will leave you more space on the board for longer so you have more chance of making the color bombs. You need to be observant too and see potential color bomb matches starting to form. If you have a row of four same color candies with one offset, then try to form a five, if you can.

You may want a color bomb booster for level 402 or extra moves but apart from that, there is not really much that will help you.


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