Candy Crush Level 406 Cheats and Tips

You have a bunch of coconut wheels and two colour bombs on the board to help you out here.

If your first ingredient is in a column above a meringue, attempt to free up the outermost coconut wheel in the column your ingredient is in and set it off horizontally in a direction so as not to set off the other coconut wheels – then repeat the process with the next outermost wheel. Alternatively, if you can’t get the outermost one, send the coconut wheel you can get to up vertically to get things moving.

If your first ingredient is in a column with chocolate, attempt to free both colour bombs and mix them together to clear up the board.

Clever use of coconut wheels is what’s needed: you can combine a coconut wheel with a colour bomb, and all candy in that row will be turned to striped. You’re not likely to see a wrapped candy on this level, but if you do, combine a coconut wheel with a wrapped to turn all candies passed into wrapped candy. Moves are limited, but you’ll find there are a lot of ways to get through this if you play with the possible combos.


In Candy Crush Saga level 406 you need to bring down the ingredients and score 60,000 points to complete the level.

To get the six ingredients down to the bottom in 35 moves would seem tricky enough for level 404 but with a five-layered meringue blocker, chocolate and chocolate spawners in the way, it could prove to be very tricky indeed.

The coconut wheels can help, but they are so closely packed together that setting one off can set off others which may not work in the way that you had hoped. It is best to work out removing the blocker beneath the first ingredient that you have on the board. Wrapped or striped candies could be helpful for this. Once it is done, then you can concentrate on getting the ingredients down to the bottom. However you need to look out for the chocolate. It will spread quickly and if you are not careful, it can clog the top of the board, preventing candies from falling down and restricting the available moves.

On strategy that can be very useful is uncover one coconut wheel and use it to uncover the color bombs. Then activate the two color bombs together and the coconut wheels will set off one at a time and most of the ingredients will come down to the bottom. You will then have plenty of moves to deal with the last few.

Vertical striped candies can help with getting ingredients down as can striped and wrapped candy combinations. A color bomb and striped could help as well, although the results are rather more random.

Using extra moves on level 404 could be handy as there are not many. The sweet tooth and bubble gum troll boosters could be handy during game play.


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