Candy Crush Level 409 Cheats and Tips

Don’t waste your moves bringing your ingredients down until you’ve got them into the cake columns. The transporters are repeaters, just moving the ingredient back to where it started from! Remember our ingredient swapping guide on our hints and tips page? Well, its never been more useful than on this level!

Fire a vertical striped candy down the center when you can, to set off the two isolated horizontal candies and make some dents in the cakes. It should just take two good colour bomb and striped candy matches and you’ll finish off at least one of the cakes. Then do whatever it takes to clear the second cake and get your final ingredient out.


In Candy Crush Saga level 409 you need to bring down the ingredients and score 20,000 points to complete the level.

Level 409 is considered to be one of the hardest all time levels. It may have 50 moves and just two ingredients to get down but there are several challenges. The area to get the ingredients down is blocked by cake bombs which will need to be cleared first. Plus the ingredients need to be moved across two columns each in order to come off the board. To make things more difficult there are portals on the board which mean it is harder t set up moves that can help you with this.

Start with removing the cake bombs. However, before you do a move, check that there is not an opportunity to move an ingredient across first. Take opportunities to make special candies as these can help to remove the cake bombs too. Some people tackle the level by moving both ingredients to the same side so that only one cake bomb needs to be destroyed. After playing a few times, you will be able to decide whether you feel removing the cake bombs or moving the ingredients is the hardest. Your choice may very well depend on the way that the particular level you are playing is set out. It does get easier to work out how to move ingredients after playing the level a good few times and you may find that you have to play it a lot of times to win.

Boosters on level 409 are not that much help. You really need a lot of luck and just to concentrate hard in order to pass it.



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